Vicky Vanna

" I started DJing In 2003. I was a resort entertainer performing in family shows like Grease, Starlight Express and Moulin Rouge in Ibiza, Spain. I started by playing music after the show for guests. It became popular and people started to comment about it on the questionnaires after their holidays. The hotel manager decided to re- open the nightclub so that I could DJ there. In exchange I didn't have to come early for aqua fit in the morning. I played the whole season. 

My early influences were Roger Sanchez, Eric Morillo, David Morales, Jose Padilla, Dimitri From Paris, Fabio Ottaviani, Ministry of Sound, Defected and living in Ibiza for more than 3 years!

Some challenges I faced when starting out as a DJ was definately being a girl! People did not take me seriously. I used a unisex name in the beginning to have more chance of getting gigs "Dj Europa". Other DJs were the most unfriendly. 

One mistake you see a lot of up and coming DJs making is playing only music they are into and not reading and playing for the crowd.

Advice I would give to aspiring DJs is only become a DJ if you are really passionate about music and have a thick skin!"

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Instagram: @vickyvanna