Jennifer Laura- Interior Designer


"I have had a passion for interior design since I was a young child and wanted to paint my room yellow and rearrange all of my furniture constantly. I decided to get a degree in interior design in college to pursue that passion. Then life kind of took a turn and I ended up planning weddings for eight years. It was shortly after my own wedding and I knew I wanted to work from home and start a business, I found myself with a beautiful portfolio of wedding images and no interior design that was the business I started. I had a nagging feeling in my heart for years that I started the wrong business, but I charged ahead, set goals, met them, and when I had reached my final goal (being featured on Martha Stewart Weddings) I breathed a sigh of relief and wondered what was next. It wasn't until I rented out my first wedding planning office space in a beautiful building full of other wedding creatives and started designing it that I realized that I had more passion for designing that office space than most of the weddings I was working on, but I had just signed a year lease so I pressed on. When that lease was up I knew in my heart it was time to make a change.  

I love the process of design- coming up with an overall plan and the excitement of what's ahead. Then executing it and problem solving along the way (no design will turn out exactly the way you planned it, tweaks along the way are going to happen). When planning weddings I was always problem solving on the fly, it had to be fixed that day usually within the hour (if not minutes), but interior design isn't like that. I can think about the problem for a day or two, decide what I want to do to fix it, and then solve the issue beautifully with a solution I'm going to be happy with long term. 

The advice I have for anyone else who wants to be an interior designer/content creator is that be prepared to do the work of 2-3 full time people. You're not only going to be doing interior design, but if you want to share your projects you need to be a photographer, a videographer, a writer, an editor, an SEO master, social media guru... so many skills and in most other larger businesses would be done by a whole team of professionals working together, but if you're like me just starting out you will find yourself needing all of these skills (and so many more) and needing to pull them all together to create content that looks effortless and beautiful.

Earlier I mentioned all of those skills that you need to have as a content creator. I have a degree in interior design so those skills were not something I learned in school. In the past six months I've taken an interior photography course (this was ESSENTIAL), an SEO course, a Pinterest Class, Working with Brands, and Growing my Audience classes. I've been working on my content creator degree behind the scenes and I'm probably still not as qualified as I would like (I would still love to learn more about videography), but I'm inching closer to having all of these skills in my tool belt and each new skill I learn and master is a huge obstacle I've overcome! "