Golden Boys Inc.

Social media has the ability to share information at the drop of a hat. Social media also helps people stay informed and sometimes maintain different types of relationships.

When we launched Life Setters, we never thought the "power of social media" would apply to us. As we reached out to many individuals for our features, Brandon kindly responded back to our humble message. Brandon Brijlsll is a name that we all should get used to hearing because he and a team of inspirational individuals run the non profit Golden Boys Inc. With the exchange of a few messages, we got the opportunity to interview Brandon (don’t worry it was over the phone ) , share some laughs, personal stories and what inspired him to start his non profit. Yes, all of this from social media. If that doesn't speak to a small portion of his humble character, read to learn more about Golden Boys Inc.

What stood out the most about Golden Boys Inc was the emphasis on having the right people on your team. From food drives to cloth drives, Brandon and his team benefit from teamwork being the driving force that establishes and develops their strong relationships amongst each other. The constant affirmation of encouraging and motivating each other to work to their strengths was a common theme spoken and is key to the success of this organization. 

As their motto states, "​Charity is as good as gold - its value is what you put on it." Golden Boys Inc. is dedicated to giving back to their community and providing service with a smile.

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