From setbacks to reaching her goals......Read Lorraine's Story.

"Educating and molding the mind of future generations has always been my passion. As far back as I can remember, every job I worked during the summer as a teen involved children. What inspired me to be an educator was my first-grade teacher. Not only did she show love and care to me and my classmates, but her actions demonstrated that her number one priority was to make her students the best they can be; even if we couldn’t see it yet. With that inspiration in mind… I pursued my studies to become a teacher. However, during my studies, I got married and also had my son which caused me to take some time off. Being a new mom and handling the other responsibilities pushed my goal to go back to school further out of my grasp. I begin to feel like time wasn't on my side and that I would never finish the goal I started. One day while talking to my sister who is pursuing her Doctoral studies, her motivational conversation and affirmations assure me that I can do it. With a new outlook on my goal, I put into place mini-steps that helped me apply back to school to finish up my Master's Degree that I began many years prior. I’m happy to say that in May 2021, I will be receiving my Master's Degree in early childhood education. I still can’t believe it. My message to future life setters would be, difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Never give up on your dreams and keep positive role models around you to motivate you.”⠀⠀