From pop-up shop in the mall to operating a kid boutique. Read Mardrease Story.

Life circumstances sometimes forces individuals into unexpected places. While studying medicine in college, Mardrease became pregnant with her son. With her $35 sewing machine from Walmart and studying fashion on the side, Mardrease’s life took an unexpected turn when she was laid off from her job. Being unable to keep up with bills, Mardrease moved back to Milwaukee and was temporarily homeless. But those circumstances weren't enough to keep her down. Mardrease is definitely a life setter! Her willpower and drive are what allowed her to reach her goals. From a pop-up shop in the mall to owning and operating a children's boutique called Widdo Kiddo, she's come a long way and has no intention of slowing down! Mardrease's story inspired us and we hope that you're feeling inspired, too!