From family lost to Master Degree candidate....Read Travis's inspiring story.

"This is my story. The financial issue has always  been a burden for me since I could remember. However, my work ethic is what kept me afloat throughout my professional experiences.  Since I have been greatly influenced by my matriarchal family, health care was the field I wanted to go into. During my senior year in high school, the death of my grandmother was the biggest transition I had to overcome. Pursing   higher education became a struggle because I had to go into the work field due to my inability to qualify for financial aid. Pharmacy was my focal point but upon me settling for a degree less than that, I entered the work field with the attitude of not being a failure in running a business for a casual dining restaurant. Thirteen years later I find myself in healthcare responsible for financial in a hospital and an MBA candidate with an expected graduation of April 2021. This is what makes me a life setter #Lifesetters"