Double Tone Sound


" I started learning to DJ in December 2018 I first played out to the public in February 2019. My early influencers were Mista Jam who is also from my city - Nottingham. And also Sam Divine who inspired me as a female DJ who’s started in Ibiza in small bars and it’s now one of the biggest international female DJs. My main challenge when starting out as a DJ was figuring out what to charge. Particularly as a female DJ a lot of promoters tell you how they’re “helping you out” basically meaning they want you to play for free. This is something a lot female DJs hear. Also you’re scared at charging too much in case you don’t get the booking whilst building your profile. I overcame this by understanding what I would feel comfortable with playing for and understanding that if the person wouldn’t pay that price it’s okay to let that booking go. In October 2019 I was discovered by We Run The World Female DJ Agency, the founder China really helped me to recognize my value as a DJ.

One mistake I see a lot of upcoming DJs making is taking on too much advice from other DJs. I also made this mistake, it’s great to ask questions but you also need to understand that not all advice is good advice. It’s all a learning curve you will make mistakes, but this is your journey so make sure you make it yours and don’t let anyone bring you down. My advice to aspiring DJs would be you’re going to mess up on a set but don’t beat yourself up about it. Don’t spend hours going over a mistake you made on a set just make sure you try not to do it again."

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