DJ Preethi

" I started in night life 15 years ago working the door at clubs and in Sans Fransisco I have lived all over the country. In 2011, I started DJing. At the time,  people were already on digital platforms and a lot of people were selling their turn tables. I wanted to learn on vinyl so I picked up a pair of turntables and a mixer really cheap. I really didn't know how luck I was at the time because now trying to find that same setup is hard. So I brought some used turntables, mixer and monitors. Everything I brought was used. I brought used records too. I learned on drum and base and I really enjoyed it. 

I really didn't take it seriously in the beginning. I event took a break to get another degree. I have degree in funeral directing. A fews years ago I back into DJing again. My main influences were just local DJs in San Fransisco and New York. They just knew how to read a crowd an rock a party. They influenced me more than nay big name DJs. 

Some of the biggest challenges for DJs is getting the opportunity to play out. Getting jigs cab be difficult. You can be really skilled DJing when it comes to mixing. But if your not skilled at getting your name out there and networking,  can be hard to find opportunities. It is a very competitive space.

I think the biggest mistake up and coming DJs make is not being versatile. When your up and coming, you are not in position to dictate what kind of gears will be a the venue your playing. Its important to learn different software platforms and hardware. The more versatile you are the more opportunities you will have to accept gigs. The more opportunities you get, the better DJ you will be come. Also, if your taking DJ seriously, its important to remain professional even when in a environment that is surrounded by alcohol. Especially if your in lineup to play that evening. 

My advice for anyone who want to take DJing seriously is stay humble, have a thick skin, practice makes perfect, have a good attitude, stay positive and stay persistent even at times when it can be discouraging.  

Due to COVID-19, I'm been doing a lot of live streaming and I really been enjoying it. I have been doing al ot of guess spots for different channels all over the world. Its been a great opportunity to meet new people."

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