When I first transitioned to natural hair, I loved my curls, but I was disappointed that my hair did not look like the YouTubers. It did not curl with ease like the women I saw doing hair tutorials online. I would advise anyone returning to their natural state or growing out their natural hair to not compare their hair to others. When I was first growing out my hair, I slathered it in gel as an attempt to avoid shrinkage and achieve super defined curls like the YouTubers. The next day the gel flaked on me. It was a dry, oily mess, but I continued to use it because it was a popular product among the influencers. I was convinced that with enough patience, my hair would magically look like the influencers that I loved to watch. I eventually learned that I shouldn’t take natural hair YouTubers' words as gospel.
Although I transitioned my hair for two years and have been natural for over five years, I am still learning about my natural hair. With the help of curly hair stylists, I am still working to unlearn myths about my natural hair as well. I challenge others to do the same because we still have a long way to go when it comes to the depiction of natural hair, specifically tighter curls and coils, in society. We are still struggling to find qualified stylists who know how to work with our hair, and we are still fighting to wear our natural hair in the workplace.
As part of my unlearning, I recently started simplifying my natural hair routine, and it has been a game changer. With the right technique and product, natural hair does not have to be an all encompassing task that you dread every wash day. I no longer spend an entire day trying to do my hair. My entire wash day routine is only an hour and half even with long, high-density curls and coils. I can’t wait to see where my journey takes me next!"
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