"My favorite part of teaching is watching the students graduate and start careers of their own. I didn’t realize how proud I would be of the students once they graduated, and how much I would miss certain groups of students in the classroom. Every year brings new students,  but some students are irreplaceable.

When teaching post-secondary, it’s important to stay relevant in your field and industry. It’s amazing how quickly technology changes, and the newest information is needed to supplement traditional topics. 

Post secondary teachers do not receive much training in how to teach and it’s important to keep up with modern teaching techniques and adapt lessons for all learning types. Listen to your students when they tell you they don’t understand something... it’s often the teaching method that needs to be changed. It’s important to stay fluid with lesson plans and change them as needed throughout the year.  

In the classroom I always stress how important mental health is and always give assignment extensions to students who ask. College students are under immense amounts of stress and have more school work in a week than the average employed individual. Classes and school work aren’t representative of the “real world” and it’s important that teachers understand how much stress students are under. Creating assignments that allow students to express themselves and explore social topics that are important to them are great ways to keep students interested in their homework and create relevant and personal portfolios."

I know it’s cliché as a teacher to say that the best part about teaching is learning from the students, but it’s true. I have learned a lot through the newest generation of students, and I’m proud of GEN Z’s inclusivity, acceptance and support of social justice causes."

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