Babes Only

"Babes Only is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and educating women through different types of events. Throughout the years we have worked with hundreds of female creatives and women owned businesses. Our continuous goal is to highlight women and make a positive impact in our community as well as on our planet.

Women inspired me to start Babes Only. I have always loved working with and supporting babes, I am fortunate to say it has been a mutual thing with a lot of creatives. I had the desire to create something that would highlight all different kinds of women from different parts of the world. I also always have a lot of ideas, this organization has been a great platform for me to execute them. 

First and foremost, Babes Only positively changed my life. Not only has it helped me grow mentally, physically, and spiritually, but it's been an amazing creative / charitable outlet. During the past four years I have had unlimited and sincere support from women all around the world. I am honored to say a few babes have started their DJ careers with Babes Only, it means so much to me that we are able to provide such opportunities. (Mo Mami, Jillian X, and Camisoul). DJing truly helped me survive really hard times and simply saved me from further self destruction, maybe we can do the same for someone else. 

My goals for the next three to five years include intense fundraising to help lock in a Chicago location and salaries for the babes on the team. My major goal is to become an agency that books women from all over for everything. Staying completely focused and being consistent with raising money will help us achieve these goals. Connecting and working with the right people may help us get there faster. I would say the only barriers in the way are funding and needing a bigger team, nonetheless I'm hopeful and excited."

If you would like to support Babes Only, visit their Instagram page: @babesonlyfun