"I have always wanted to be a teacher in my time as an undergrad at Georgia State University. Unfortunately I was to concerned with others opinions of teachers , their salary , the respect given for the profession, and even my parents approval of the career choice so I never pursued it and continued my undergrad choice of Nursing and later Computer Information Systems. I finished my degree with South University with a Bacherlor's of Science in Management Information Systems. I have always had a passion for technology as well and graphic designs. At the time it seemed the most sensible and profitable degree choice, however after I worked a few years in technology I still didn’t feel I found my passion. I made a decision then to chose an alternate route to teaching, and haven’t looked back since. 

As a teacher you do face many challenges and mine started of course during my first year of teaching, I had no idea of what I was faced with. It was challenging trying to Understand educational terms such as “LPs, PLCs, RTI,” and the lists goes on but I am glad I challenged myself to learn and master what was required of me as a teacher. It is so rewarding to know that I am impacting a child’s life daily and setting the foundation of their learning experience for a lifetime. I have truly found my niche, my calling and my passion. I encourage anyone who is considering teaching to be sure that this is something you are passionate about and something that you truly would love to do. The passion and love for the profession is what will keep you during the hardest times or most challenging days." 

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